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Organic bioelectronics for health and life science application

Dr. Daniel Simon, Visiting professor


Schedule: March-May 2022


1. Intro and background to organic electronics, redox-based devices, bioelectronics, and iontronics for non-experts.

This introduction will cover the basics of organic electronics (i.e., conducting polymers), and lead into the unique advantages of these material systems for biological applications. Specific topics will include π-conjugation, doping, redox properties, and the role of ions and ion transport. The introduction to bioelectronics will provide an overview of applications in biological applications from the past decade or so: controlled release, actuators, biosensors, etc.

2. Current state-of-the-art.

This component of the course will bring the students up to date with the latest technologies of organic bioelectronics in health and life science settings, and their various applications. This will include the state-of-the-art in “classic” organic bioelectronics: biosensors, controlled release, and organic electronic transistors OECTs, OFETs. This section of the course will also include more recent developments including optimized transistor-based sensors, advanced “iontronics” (e.g., organic electronic ion pumps), and implantable bioelectronics. 

3. Outlook.

The course will conclude with an outlook on the field of organic bioelectronics, and how it fits into the larger concepts of digital healthcare, personalized medicine, and electroceuticals. The third section will include 1 wrap-up seminar and 1 course symposium.