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XXXIII cycle

Surname and NameDepartmentPhoneE-mailResearch Topics
Adamo DavideLife Sciences - CMR davide.adamo@unimore.itAirway epithelial cell culture characterization and respiratory system tissue engineering
Napoli Floriana MariaLife Sciences florianamaria.napoli@unimore.itThe genetic epidemiology of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy in the Italian population
Nasillo VincenzoMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults vincenzo.nasillo@unimore.itCharacterization of specific off-target effects of BTK inhibitors on innate anti-mold immunity in patients with B-cell neoplasms: diagnostic and ...
Palamenghi MicheleLife Sciences - CMR michele.palamenghi@unimore.itEfficacy and integrome analysis in primary keratinocytes of a newly developed SIN-α- compared to first- and second-generation γ-retroviral vectors
Vallarola AntonioLife Sciences antonio.vallarola@unimore.itUnraveling the molecular mechanism leading to muscle dystrophy: the role of the overexpression of the RNA binding protein FRG1