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XXXIV cycle

Surname and NameDepartmentPhoneE-mailResearch Topics
Diacci ChiaraLife Sciences/Linköping Universitet chiara.diacci@unimore.it 
Bettio CinziaLife Sciences 251518@studenti.unimore.it 
Huang LiLife Sciences li.huang@unimore.it 
Kutluer MeltemLife Sciences meltem.kutluer@unimore.it 
Spallanzani AndreaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults 92270@studenti.unimore.it 
Amore EmanuelaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural Sciences emanuela.amore@unimore.itAnalysis of secreted factors produced by muscle cells involved in the cross talk between bone and muscle
Sercia LauraLife Sciences - CMR laura.sercia@unimore.itDevelopment of a gene therapy approach for the treatment of Lamellar Ichthyosis (LI) patients
Magrelli Federica MariaLife Sciences - CMR federicamaria.magrelli@unimore.itDevelopment of a tissue engineered 3D human hemi-cornea growing primary human corneal cells on a biocompatible scaffold
Lofaro Francesco DemetrioLife Sciences francescodemetrio.lofaro@unimore.it 
Campanini LetiziaSurgical, Medical, Dental and Morphological Sciences with Interest transplant, Oncological and Regenerative Medicine letizia.campanini@unimore.it 
Mallia SeleneLife Sciences - CMR selene.mallia@unimore.itStudy of mutation acquisition order in Hematopoietic Stem Cells from patients with myelofibrosis
Casari GiuliaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults giulia.casari@unimore.it