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XXXVI cycle

Surname and NameDepartmentPhD CycleTutorResearch Topics
Conci AlessioLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaAllele-specific CRISPR-engineered Cpf1 genome editing to treat ocular surface disorder in EEC syndrome
Di Tinco RosannaSurgical, Medical, Dental and Morphological Sciences with Interest transplant, Oncological and Regenerative MedicineXXXVIGianluca CarnevaleStudy of immunomodulatory properties of human dental pulp stem cells targeting inflammation in autoimmune diseases
Fabrizi AlessandraLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaCell and gene therapy for skin diseases: from retroviral integrated strategy to allele specific gene editing
Marini GraziaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaMolecular characterization of epidermal stem cells for cell and gene therapy applications
Mirabile MargheritaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIRossella ManfrediniStudy of oxidative stress in myelofibrosis patients
Stanzani VirginiaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural SciencesXXXVICarla PalumboEco-friendly biodegradable materials as new promising 3D-printed scaffolds for eco-sustainable regenerative medicine
Tavernari LaraLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIRossella ManfrediniStudy of T cell exhaustion in Myeloproliferative neoplasms
Zanini GiadaLife SciencesXXXVIAnna Vittoria MattioliRole of the mitochondrial protease Lonp1 in mitophagy control