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Surname and NameDepartmentPhoneE-mailPhD CycleTutorResearch Topics
Alecci ClaudiaLife Sciences claudia.alecci@unimore.itXXIXZanocco Marani TommasoRole of RNA binding proteins belonging to ZFP36 family in skin inflammation.
Attico EustachioLife Sciences eustachio.attico@unimore.itXXIXPellegrini GraziellaDefinition of molecular markers for stratified epithelia stem cells selection
Badodi SaraLife Sciences sara.badodi@unimore.itXXVIIMolinari SusannaMEF2C in proliferating cells: a novel role beyond muscle differentiation
Baruffaldi FiorenzaLife Sciences fiorenza.baruffaldi@unimore.itXXVIMolinari SusannaAlternative splicing, phosphorylation and protein-protein interaction confer to MEF2C a novel pro-proliferative role in adult muscle stem cells.
Belluti SilviaLife Sciences silvia.belluti@unimore.itXXVICarol ImbrianoUnravelling new regulatory mechanisms and activities of the transcription factor NF-Y: implications for cancer therapy
Berto MarcelloLife Sciences marcello.berto@unimore.itXXIXBiscarini FabioOrganic electronic biosensors for biomarkers in extracorporeal therapies
Bulgarelli JennyLife Sciences jenny.bulgarelli@unimore.itXXVIMarasca RobertoEndothelin-1 signaling pathway in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: involvement in survival, proliferation and interaction with endothelial cells
Canali SusannaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults susanna.canali@unimore.itXXVIIPietrangelo AntonelloThe molecular basis for the transcriptional regulation of Hepcidin, the iron hormone
Chiara RossiLife Sciences, CMR 204019@studenti.unimore.itXXXRossella ManfrediniIn "vivo" and in "vitro" validation of new putative markers in Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms
Claudio Giacinto AteneLife Sciences+390 059 205 5696/540482586@studenti.unimore.it; claudiogiacinto.atene@unimore.itXXXTommaso Zanocco MaraniSINTESI PROTEINE RICOMBINANTI PER LO SVILUPPO DI UN MODELLO ATTIVO DI PEMFIGO ALLO SCOPO DI VALIDARE NUOVE TERAPIE
Di Lauro MicheleLife Sciences michele.dilauro@unimore.itXXIXBiscarini FabioInterfacing Central Nervous System by Organic Bio-Electronics
Di Salvo Maria TeresaLife Sciences mariateresa.disalvo@unimore.itXXVIIIMarigo ValeriaGeneration of in vitro Models to develop therapies for Retinitis Pigmentosa
Dsouza NaomiLife Sciences naomi.dsouza@unimore.itXXVIDominici Massimo 
Esteki RozaLife Sciences roza.esteki@unimore.itXXVIIIPellegrini Graziella 
Foppiani Elisabetta ManuelaLife Sciences elisabettamanuela.foppiani@unimore.itXXIXDominici MassimoImproving adult stem cell performance for optimized regenerative medicine approaches
Ganassi MassimoLife Sciences mganassi@unimore.itXXVIMolinari SusannaIn vivo functional characterization of the splicing isoforms of the transcription factors Mef2ca/Mef2cb during the development in Zebrafish
Giulia GolinelliMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & Adults+39 059 422-3307 /2239giulia.golinelli@unimore.itXXXMassimo DominiciDelivery of anti-cancer bioactive molecules by gene modified cellular effectors
Ilenia MastroliaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & Adults ilenia.mastrolia@unimore.itXXXMassimo DominiciInnovative in vitro and in vivo models in skeletal regeneration
Lagreca IvanaMedical and Surgical Science ivana.lagreca@unimore.itXXVIILuppi MarioImmunological characterization and monitoring of anti-leukemic T cells in Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients
Marika QuadriSurgical, Medical, Dental and Morphological Sciences+39 059 4222812205687@studenti.unimore.itXXXCarlo PincelliRole of CD271 in healthy and diseased skin
Miserendino RamonaLife Sciences ramona.miserendino@unimore.itXXXIDe Luca Michele 
Miserendino RamonaLife Sciences ramona.miserendino@unimore.itXXXIDe Luca Michele 
Morandi PaoloLife Sciences paolo.morandi@unimore.itXXVIIPincelli Carlo 
Nikolic AnaLife Sciences anikolic@unimore.itXXVITupler RossellaInvestigation of genetic complexity of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Norfo RuggieroLife Sciences ruggiero.norfo@unimore.itXXVIManfredini RossellaIntegration of mRNA/miRNA expression profiles reveals disrupted functional networks in CD34+ cells from primary myelofibrosis
Pennella SoniaLife Sciences sonia.pennella@unimore.itXXVIIMattioli Anna VittoriaStem cells transplantation in myocardial tissue induces pro-arrhythmic effects and promotes riperfusion. **Comparison between intramuscular or endoven
Pennucci ValentinaLife Sciences valentina.pennucci@unimore.itXXVIManfredini RossellaThe molecular framework of CD34+ cells from primary myelofibrosis patients unveils disease associated expression alterations
Prapa MalvinaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & Adults 183201@studenti.unimore.itXXVIIIDominici MassimoCellular Manipulation To Target GD2-positive Cancers
Romano OrianaLife Sciences oriana.romano@unimore.itXXIXBicciato SilvioGenome-wide definition of regulatory elements in human erythroid cell differentiation
Rossignoli FilippoLife Sciences filippo.rossignoli@unimore.itXXIXDominici MassimoMultimodal tumor targeting by gene modified cellular effectors
Ruberti SamanthaLife Sciences samantha.ruberti@unimore.itXXIXManfredini RossellaRole of the transcription factor c-Maf in hematopoietic differentiation and primary myelofibrosis pathogenesis
Saltari AnnalisaLife Sciences annalisax85@alice.itXXVIPincelli CarloThe role of p75NTR in progression and invasion of melanoma in 3D models
Sebastiano RontaruoliLife Sciences+39 059 2058061sebastiano.rontauroli@unimore.it; 78087@studenti.unimore.itXXXRossella ManfrediniAnalysis of the functional role of genes and microRNAs in the pathogenesis of Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Secone Seconetti AlessiaLife Sciences alessia.seconeseconetti@unimore.itXXVIIDe Luca MicheeCell-ECM adhesion controls clonogenic potential of human epithelial cells through the YAP/TAZ pathway
Tripathi TakshashilaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Adults, Mothers & Children takshashila.tripathi@unimore.itXXVIIPietrangelo AntonelloTrafficking and role in Signaling Transduction of HFE, the hemochromatosis protein in physiology and pathophysiology
Virginia Sidonia SceberrasLife Sciences, CMR- Holostem+39 059 2058064virginiasidonia.sceberras@unimore.itXXXGraziella PellegriniOral mucosal epithelial cells characterization and its clinical use for regenerative therapy for ocular surface reconstruction in patients with LSCD