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XXIX Cycle

Surname and NameDepartmentPhoneE-mailPhD CycleTutorResearch Topics
Alecci ClaudiaLife Sciences claudia.alecci@unimore.itXXIXZanocco Marani TommasoRole of RNA binding proteins belonging to ZFP36 family in skin inflammation.
Attico EustachioLife Sciences eustachio.attico@unimore.itXXIXPellegrini GraziellaDefinition of molecular markers for stratified epithelia stem cells selection
Berto MarcelloLife Sciences marcello.berto@unimore.itXXIXBiscarini FabioOrganic electronic biosensors for biomarkers in extracorporeal therapies
Di Lauro MicheleLife Sciences michele.dilauro@unimore.itXXIXBiscarini FabioInterfacing Central Nervous System by Organic Bio-Electronics
Foppiani Elisabetta ManuelaLife Sciences elisabettamanuela.foppiani@unimore.itXXIXDominici MassimoImproving adult stem cell performance for optimized regenerative medicine approaches
Romano OrianaLife Sciences oriana.romano@unimore.itXXIXBicciato SilvioGenome-wide definition of regulatory elements in human erythroid cell differentiation
Rossignoli FilippoLife Sciences filippo.rossignoli@unimore.itXXIXDominici MassimoMultimodal tumor targeting by gene modified cellular effectors
Ruberti SamanthaLife Sciences samantha.ruberti@unimore.itXXIXManfredini RossellaRole of the transcription factor c-Maf in hematopoietic differentiation and primary myelofibrosis pathogenesis