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Palumbo Carla research activity

  • Interaction of bone cells involved in bone turnover in both physiological and pathological conditions and in regenerative medicine.

Role and cell signaling of bone cells during organogenesis of the skeleton, and in various pathological conditions (such as alterations of the skeleton due to altered metabolism disorders or hormonal control), as well as during the repair of bone lesions. Particular attention has recently been paid to: osteocyte role as bone mechano-sensor; significance of osteocyte apoptosis/autophagy both in relation to certain pathologies (multiple myeloma) and in particular regions of the skeleton (i.e.. ossicular chain of the middle ear); in vitro conditioning of mesenchymal stem cells in addition to regenerative medicine techniques for the recovery of osteochondral defects. Another target is the study of osteoblast-like cells cultured in scaffold-2D/3D to be used in maxillo-facial and regenerative medicine.

  • Histo-physio-pathology of skeletal tissues in implantology.

The behavior of skeletal tissues following biomaterial implant is evaluated both with morphological analysis techniques and chemico-physical methods, to analyze the tissue and material transformation due to the implant. The study is performed in experimental animals and, when possible, in humans.

  • Influence of substances/osteoprotective drugs on bone metabolism in animal models.

The effects of various osteotropic substances (such as leptin and ferutinin) as well as new generation of osteoprotective drugs are investigated in experimental animal models (mouse and rat), in order to study the cell interactions both during the development of ossification nuclei of skeletal fetus and in the induction (metabolic, hormonal or mechanical) of osteoporosis in adult animals. Important target is also the study of the two bone forming processes (static osteogenesis and dynamic osteogenesis) that occur in temporal sequence during bone histogenesis, as well as in the recovery of bone mass due to metabolic bone diseases and in fracture repair.

  • Interaction between biophysical energy and biological systems in approaching the skeletal diseases.

Investigations on the effect of biophysical energy (pulsed electromagnetic fields-PEMF) on the cell system of skeletal tissues (cartilage and bone) are performed both in vivo and in vitro, in particular focused on the use of PEMF to integrate techniques of regenerative medicine for the repair of osteo-chondral defects. Other field of ​​interest is the study of electroporation in enhancing drug therapies for diseases of the skeleton.

  • Predictive value of inflammatory biomarkers in precancerous lesions of colorectal cancer and role of apoptosis/autophagy in carcinogenesis.

Growing importance is increasingly ascribed to some markers of inflammation relevant in the onset of colon-rectal cancer. Different markers are studied (in collaboration with the structure of Internal Medicine of the Policlinic Hospital) in order to define their possible role in the prediction of human colorectal precancerous lesions.