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PhD Thesis Defence 2020

XXXII cycle

Friday, march 13, 2020

9:00 AM

Room U0.2 – [MO 51] – Via Campi 103 – Modena

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the event will be conducted online via Skype



9:00-9:30 Dr. Maria Sara Magarò (tutor Proff. J. Bertacchini and C. Palumbo), ” Muscle to-bone crosstalk: identification of Sclerostin as a putative new myokine “.

9:30-10:00 Dr. Matteo Melonari (tutor Prof. G. Pellegrini), “Preclinical Assessment of an ATMP for Severe Hypospadias Treatment”.

10:00-10:30 Dr. Elena Genovese (tutor Prof. R. Manfredini), “Role of wild-type Calreticulin in phisiological hematopoiesis and effect of Calreticulin mutations in the development of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms”.

10.30-11:00 Dr. Vanessa Maria Quintano Ramos (tutor Prof. F. Biscarini), “Selective ion transport in graphene-based membranes for sensing and biomedical applications.”


11.00-11.15 Coffee break


11:15-11:45 Dr. Chiara Vettraino (tutor Prof. C. Bortolotti), “O-phosphoethanolamine phospho- lyase: from structural characterization to biomedical applications”.

11:45-12:15 Dr. Michela Salvadori (tutor Prof. M. Dominici), “Development of a novel pharmacokinetic (PK)- pharmacodynamic (PD) preclinical model for mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) biodistribution”.

12:15-12:45 Dr. Elena Buzzetti (tutor Prof. Antonello Pietrangelo), “Cross-talk between iron homeostasis, metabolic syndrome and pathways involved in metabolic changes”.


14.00 Proclamation


Thesis committee:

Prof. Alessandro Maria Vannucchi, Università di Firenze

Prof. Stefano Augusto Maria Biressi,

Università di Trento Prof.ssa Stefania Rapino, Università di Bologna