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Faculty Members

Surname and NameDepartmentPhoneE-mailResearch Topics
Bertacchini JessikaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural Sciences+39 059 4224842jessika.bertacchini@unimore.itSignaling mechanisms involved in bone cell relationship during osteogenesis, resorption, remodeling
Bianchi ElisaLife Sciences+390592058061elisa.bianchi@unimore.it 
Bicciato SilvioLife Sciences+39 059 2055219silvio.bicciato@unimore.itBioinformatics
Boraldi FedericaLife Sciences+390592055421federica.boraldi@unimore.it 
Bortolotti Carlo AugustoLife Sciences+39 059 2058608carloaugusto.bortolotti@unimore.itDevelopment of bio-(in)organic interfaces for nanobiotechnological applications (biosensors, smart surfaces)
Cossu GiulioDivision of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine, University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester, United Kingdom giulio.cossu@manchester.ac.ukStem cell research and therapeutic development
Davidson Jeffrey M.Vanderbilt University, Nashville, United States jeff.davidson@vanderbilt.eduConnective tissue research; Wound healing; Gene therapy
De Luca MicheleLife Sciences+39 059 2058077michele.deluca@unimore.itMolecular mechanisms regulating epithelial stem cell renewal and proliferation and epithelial stem cell-mediated cell and gene therapy
Dominici MassimoMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults+39 059 4222858massimo.dominici@unimore.itCancer gene therapy
Fanelli FrancescaLife Sciences+39 059 2058610francesca.fanelli@unimore.itComputational structural biology
Forcato MattiaLife Sciences+390592055454mattia.forcato@unimore.it 
Imbriano CarolLife Sciences+39 059 2055542carol.imbriano@unimore.itTranscriptional and non-transcriptional control of cell proliferation and differentiation
Lefthériotis Georges P.N.Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, Nice, France  Vascular remodeling focusing on the biomineralization processes
Losi LorenaLife Sciences+39 059 4224819lorena.losi@unimore.itGenetic and epigenetic alterations in cancers to search biomolecular markers for diagnosis, prognosis and selective therapies
Luchini AlessandraGeorge Mason University - Science and Technology Campus, Manassas, United States aluchini@gmu.eduBioinformatics, interaction between biomaterials and biological tissues,biomolecular electronics
Luppi MarioMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults+39 059 4225570mario.luppi@unimore.itGenetic and immunologic pathogenesis of hematologic diseases
Manfredini RossellaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neurosciences+39 059 2058065rossella.manfredini@unimore.itMolecular and functional characterization of normal and cancer stem cells
Marasca RobertoMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults+39 059 4224315roberto.marasca@unimore.itGenetic and immunologic pathogenesis of hematologic diseases
Marigo ValeriaLife Sciences+39 059 2055392valeria.marigo@unimore.itMolecular biology of retinal degeneration
Mattioli Anna VittoriaSurgical, Medical and Dental Department of Morphological Sciences related to Transplant, Oncology and Regenerative Medicine+39 059 4224043annavittoria.mattioli@unimore.itcardiac, muscular and vascular regeneration: trigger and mechanisms
Mavilio FulvioLife Sciences+39 059 2055390fulvio.mavilio@unimore.itGene therapy of genetic diseases
Palumbo CarlaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neurosciences+39 059 4224850carla.palumbo@unimore.itHisto-physio-pathology of skeletal tissues and of the organs of the digestive and female reproductive systems
Pellegrini GraziellaLife Sciences+39 059 2058075graziella.pellegrini@unimore.itMolecular mechanisms regulating epithelial stem cell renewal and proliferation and epithelial stem cell-mediated cell and gene therapy
Pietrangelo AntonelloMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults+39 059 4224356antonello.pietrangelo@unimore.itGenetic and molecular basis of iron disorders
Potenza LeonardoMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and Adults leonardo.potenza@unimore.itGenetic and immunologic pathogenesis of hematologic diseases
Quaglino DanielaLife Sciences+39 059 2055418daniela.quaglino@unimore.itBiology and pathology of the extracellular matrix
Recchia AlessandraLife Sciences+39 059 2058057alessandra.recchia@unimore.itGene transfer and gene editing
Sanchez Alvarado AlejandroHoward Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, United States asa@stowers.orgMolecular basis of regeneration
Tajbakhsh ShahragimDepartement of developmental and stem cell, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France shahragim.tajbakhsh@pasteur.fr 
Tarugi Patrizia MariaLife Sciences+39 059 2055416patriziamaria.tarugi@unimore.itGenetics, molecular pathology and pathophysiology of monogenic disorders of cholesterol and plasma lipoprotein metabolism
Vanakker Olivier M.University Hospital of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium oliver.vanakker@UGent.beConnective Tissue Disorders
Weber ViktoriaDonau-Universitat Krems, Krems, Austria viktoria.weber@donau-uni.ac.atBlood-biomaterial interface and blood compatibility, Extracellular vesicles (characterization and functional studies in inflammation and coagulation)