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Surname and NameDepartmentPhD CycleTutorResearch Topics
Alecci ClaudiaLife SciencesXXIXZanocco Marani TommasoRole of RNA binding proteins belonging to ZFP36 family in skin inflammation.
Artusi ValentinaLife SciencesXXVIITagliafico EnricoCancer exome sequencing to identify novel somatic mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasm
Atene Claudio GiacintoLife SciencesXXXTommaso Zanocco MaraniSintesi proteine ricombinanti per lo sviluppo di un modello attivo di pemfigo allo scopo di validare nuove terapie
Attico EustachioLife SciencesXXIXPellegrini GraziellaDefinition of molecular markers for stratified epithelia stem cells selection
Badodi SaraLife SciencesXXVIIMolinari SusannaMEF2C in proliferating cells: a novel role beyond muscle differentiation
Bartolomeo AngelicaLife SciencesXXVIIIQuaglino DanielaEctopic calcification: from pathogenetic pathways towards therapeutic perspectives
Baruffaldi FiorenzaLife SciencesXXVIMolinari SusannaAlternative splicing, phosphorylation and protein-protein interaction confer to MEF2C a novel pro-proliferative role in adult muscle stem cells
Belluti SilviaLife SciencesXXVICarol ImbrianoUnravelling new regulatory mechanisms and activities of the transcription factor NF-Y: implications for cancer therapy
Berto MarcelloLife SciencesXXIXBiscarini FabioOrganic electronic biosensors for biomarkers in extracorporeal therapies
Bulgarelli JennyLife SciencesXXVIMarasca RobertoEndothelin-1 signaling pathway in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: involvement in survival, proliferation and interaction with endothelial cells
Buzzetti ElenaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and AdultsXXXIIAntonello PietrangeloCross-talk between iron homeostasis, metabolic syndrome and pathways involved in metabolic changes
Canali SusannaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children and AdultsXXVIIPietrangelo AntonelloThe molecular basis for the transcriptional regulation of Hepcidin, the iron hormone
Checchi MartaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural SciencesXXXIPalumbo CarlaIn vitro and in vivo characterization of novel natural biomaterials, the “scleral ossicles”, for the improvement of bone regeneration processes
Di Lauro MicheleLife SciencesXXIXBiscarini FabioInterfacing Central Nervous System by Organic Bio-Electronics
Dsouza NaomiLife SciencesXXVIDominici Massimo 
Esteki RozaLife SciencesXXVIIIPellegrini Graziella 
Foppiani Elisabetta ManuelaLife SciencesXXIXDominici MassimoImproving adult stem cell performance for optimized regenerative medicine approaches
Franchini EleonoraLife SciencesXXVIIIDe Luca MicheeTowards ex-vivo gene therapy of Junctional and Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Ganassi MassimoLife SciencesXXVIMolinari SusannaIn vivo functional characterization of the splicing isoforms of the transcription factors Mef2ca/Mef2cb during the development in Zebrafish
Genna Vincenzo GiuseppeLife SciencesXXVIIIPellegrini GraziellaBiomaterials for Tracheal Replacement in Age-related Cancer via a Humanly Engineered Airway
Genovese ElenaLife Sciences - CMRXXXIIRossella ManfrediniRole of wild-type Calreticulin in phisiological hematopoiesis and effect of Calreticulin mutations in the development of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Golinelli GiuliaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & AdultsXXXMassimo DominiciDelivery of anti-cancer bioactive molecules by gene modified cellular effectors
Lagreca IvanaMedical and Surgical ScienceXXVIILuppi MarioImmunological characterization and monitoring of anti-leukemic T cells in Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients
Magarò Maria SaraLife SciencesXXXIIJessika Bertacchini/Palumbo CarlaMuscle to-bone crosstalk: identification of Sclerostin as a putative new myokine
Mammoli FabianaLife SciencesXXVIIIFerrari SergioMicroRNA function in normal and malignant Hematopoieis
Masciale ValentinaLife SciencesXXVIIIPellegrini GraziellaIn vitro preclinical safety assays, alternative to animal models, in a consolidated epithelial cell culture model
Mastrolia IleniaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & AdultsXXXMassimo DominiciInnovative in vitro and in vivo models in skeletal regeneration
Melonari MatteoLife SciencesXXXIIGraziella PellegriniPreclinical Assessment of an ATMP for Severe Hypospadias Treatment
Miserendino RamonaLife SciencesXXXIDe Luca MicheleSerial keratinocyte cultivation as a novel safety assay for ex-vivo combined cell and gene therapy of Epidermolysis Bullosa
Montorsi LuciaLife SciencesXXVIIIZanocco Marani TommasoAnalysis of the role of Tristetraprolin gene family in colon physiology and in colorectal cancer development and progression
Morandi PaoloLife SciencesXXVIIPincelli Carlo 
Nikolic AnaLife SciencesXXVITupler RossellaInvestigation of genetic complexity of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Norfo RuggieroLife SciencesXXVIManfredini RossellaIntegration of mRNA/miRNA expression profiles reveals disrupted functional networks in CD34+ cells from primary myelofibrosis
Paolini AmbraMedical and Surgical SciencesXXXLeonardo PotenzaAcute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) with mutated nucleophosmin (NPM1) gene: from immunohistochemical features to specific immune responses
Patrizi ClarissaLife SciencesXXXIRecchia AlessandraIn vitro and in vivo CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeting of the P347S dominant mutation in rhodopsin
Pennella SoniaLife SciencesXXVIIMattioli Anna VittoriaStem cells transplantation in myocardial tissue induces pro-arrhythmic effects and promotes riperfusion. **Comparison between intramuscular or endoven
Pennucci ValentinaLife SciencesXXVIManfredini RossellaThe molecular framework of CD34+ cells from primary myelofibrosis patients unveils disease associated expression alterations
Prapa MalvinaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Children & AdultsXXVIIIDominici MassimoCellular Manipulation To Target GD2-positive Cancers
Prudente ZeliaLife SciencesXXVIIIManfredini Rossella 
Quadri MarikaSurgical, Medical, Dental and Morphological SciencesXXXCarlo PincelliRole of CD271 in healthy and diseased skin
Quintano Ramos Vanessa MariaLife SciencesXXXIIFabio BiscariniSelective ion transport in graphene-based membranes for sensing and biomedical applications
Ricci GiuliaLife SciencesXXVIIITupler RossellaAssessing the specificity of molecular testing in FSHD
Romano OrianaLife SciencesXXIXBicciato SilvioGenome-wide definition of regulatory elements in human erythroid cell differentiation
Rontauroli SebastianoLife SciencesXXXRossella ManfrediniAnalysis of the functional role of genes and microRNAs in the pathogenesis of Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Rossi ChiaraLife Sciences, CMRXXXRossella ManfrediniIn "vivo" and in "vitro" validation of new putative markers in Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms
Rossignoli FilippoLife SciencesXXIXDominici MassimoMultimodal tumor targeting by gene modified cellular effectors
Ruberti SamanthaLife SciencesXXIXManfredini RossellaRole of the transcription factor c-Maf in hematopoietic differentiation and primary myelofibrosis pathogenesis
Saltari AnnalisaLife SciencesXXVIPincelli CarloThe role of p75NTR in progression and invasion of melanoma in 3D models
Salvadori MichelaChiesi FarmaceuticiXXXIIMassimo DominiciDevelopment of a novel pharmacokinetic (PK)- pharmacodynamic (PD) preclinical model for mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) biodistribution
Sceberras Virginia SidoniaLife Sciences, CMR- HolostemXXXGraziella PellegriniOral mucosal epithelial cells characterization and its clinical use for regenerative therapy for ocular surface reconstruction in patients with LSCD
Secone Seconetti AlessiaLife SciencesXXVIIDe Luca MicheeCell-ECM adhesion controls clonogenic potential of human epithelial cells through the YAP/TAZ pathway
Semeghini ValentinaLife SciencesXXXIImbriano CarolRole of alternative splice variants of the transcription factor NF-Y in the progression of prostate cancer
Smargiassi AlbertoBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural SciencesXXVIIIPalumbo CarlaOsteocyte-signaling with/without osteoprotective drugs
Tripathi TakshashilaMedical and Surgical Sciences for Adults, Mothers & ChildrenXXVIIPietrangelo AntonelloTrafficking and role in Signaling Transduction of HFE, the hemochromatosis protein in physiology and pathophysiology
Vettraino ChiaraLife SciencesXXXIICarlo Augusto BortolottiO-phosphoethanolamine phospho- lyase: from structural characterization to biomedical applications