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PhD Students

Surname and NameDepartmentPhD CycleTutorResearch Topics
Adani ElisaLife SciencesXXXVIIValeria MarigoIn vitro and in vivo analyses of transcriptomic and biochemical changes in photoreceptor cells during inherited retinal degeneration and [...]
Bergamini ElisaDipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche Materno-Infantili e dell'AdultoXXXIXCorradini ElenaDeveloping of mRNA and small molecule therapy strategies using nanomedicine platform on Hemochromatosis and Ferroportin disease models derived from pa
Bertesi MatteoLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIIIRossella ManfrediniDissecting the role of Clonal Hematopoiesis in triggering Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Onset
Campani VirginiaLife SciencesXXXVIIICarol ImbrianoExploring the role of NF-Y alternative splicing in tumor-microenvironment interplay
Cattin EleonoraLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIIAlessandra RecchiaDeveloping a CRISPR-based strategy employing Cas9 nuclease and base editing to demonstrate the feasibility of genome editing as a gene therapy [...]
Conci AlessioLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaAllele-specific CRISPR-engineered Cpf1 genome editing to treat ocular surface disorder in EEC syndrome
Corradini MatteoBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural SciencesXXXVIIICarla PalumboPLC pathways in cytoskeleton of human osteoblasts/osteosarcoma cell and putative Ezrin-correlation
Di Tinco RosannaSurgical, Medical, Dental and Morphological Sciences with Interest transplant, Oncological and Regenerative MedicineXXXVIGianluca CarnevaleStudy of immunomodulatory properties of human dental pulp stem cells targeting inflammation in autoimmune diseases
Fabrizi AlessandraLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaCell and gene therapy for skin diseases: from retroviral integrated strategy to allele specific gene editing
Ferrari TommasoLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIIIAlessandra RecchiaCell line engineering, and their use in the production of viral vectors
Gentile SaraLife SciencesXXXVIIFrancesca FanelliDevelopment and application of the Protein Structure Network (PSN) analysis too
Giovanardi MichaelLife Sciences -CMRXXXVIIGraziella Pellegrini 
Gozza Gaia AndreaLife Science - CMRXXXIXMichele De LucaGene therapy development of genetic skin deseases
Jovanovic IvanaLife Science - CMRXXXIXMichele De LucaMolecular characterization of epidermal stem cells and transient amplifying progenitors
Maffezzoni Maria Benedetta RizzardaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVGraziella PellegriniResearch on membrane biofuctionalization for tissue regeneration in odontostomatologic field
Malerba MaricaLife SciencesXXXIXRossella ManfrediniDissecting the role of Clonal Hematopoiesis in triggering Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Onset
Manco Urbina Pamela AllisonLife SciencesXXXVCarlo Augusto BortolottiDetection of biomarkers of aging with organic electronics
Marchionni MatteoLife SciencesXXXVIIMattia ForcatoInvestigation of the crosstalk between the tumor and its microenvironment through single-cell transcriptional analysis 
Marini GraziaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIMichele De LucaMolecular characterization of epidermal stem cells for cell and gene therapy applications
Mirabile MargheritaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIRossella ManfrediniStudy of oxidative stress in myelofibrosis patients
Pedrazzi FrancescaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIIIElisa BianchiMechanisms responsible for the deranged production of proinflammatory and profibrotic mediators in myelofibrosis
Selleri ValentinaSurgical, Medical and Dental Department of Morphological Sciences related to Transplant, Oncology and Regenerative MedicineXXXVIIAnna Vittoria Mattiolidevelopment and optimization of the remote monitoring system of the 5 vital parameters defined by WHO, using the ButterfLife medical device in [...]
Sinigaglia GiorgiaLife ScienceXXXIXQuaglino DanielaMonocyte response to mitochondrial DAMPs in elderly subjects: correlation with chronic inflammation and atherosclerosis
Stanzani VirginiaBiomedical, Metabolical and Neural SciencesXXXVICarla PalumboEco-friendly biodegradable materials as new promising 3D-printed scaffolds for eco-sustainable regenerative medicine
Tavernari LaraLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIRossella ManfrediniStudy of T cell exhaustion in Myeloproliferative neoplasms
Zacchino SilviaLife Sciences - CMRXXXVIIIMichele De LucaCell and gene therapy for Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa Col17A1-dependent: from retroviral integrated strategy to precise gene replacement
Zanini GiadaLife SciencesXXXVIAnna Vittoria MattioliRole of the mitochondrial protease Lonp1 in mitophagy control